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Supporting Health Equity Through Scholarships for Underrepresented and Underserved Communities

Introduction There’s a lot of talk about diversity in STEM fields over the past few years, but what about medical schools? The medical school admissions process is often overlooked when it comes to supporting diversity initiatives. Say’s Jasdeep Sidana, if we want our healthcare system to be more equitable and just for everyone, then it’s important […]

How Scholarships for Medical Students creating Next Generation of Healthcare Providers?

Introduction The shortage of physicians in the U.S. could reach more than a million by 2025. Scholarships for medical students are one way to encourage more students to become doctors and address this growing need in our country. Scholarships for Medical Students Scholarships for medical students are given to students with high academic performance, passion […]

How Scholarships for Advancing Biomedical Research creating miracles

Introduction Biomedical research is the study of the structure, function and any abnormalities of the human body. As a result, it covers a vast range of fields from medicine to psychology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Say’s Jasdeep Sidana It can be funded by both public and private sources. Biomedical research is carried out in many different […]